Amie Conte Beauty provide a range of specialist cosmetic treatments for both women and men to add the finishing touches to your health and beauty regime, helping you to look your best and build confidence in your appearance. You will know you're in safe hands with the added assurance that all treatments are performed by fully-qualified staff, and for Restylane® and LongLasting™, only staff with a full medical background.

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The results speak for themselves.


For one week only, we will be offering eyelash enhancement procedures (top OR bottom) for only £150.

There’s never been a better time to discover the world of LongLasting™ semi-permanent makeup.

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Client Testimonials:

“She’d chosen the shade beautifully and applied the pigment with a very light, feathery touch, so even close up you wouldn’t be able to tell that the colour wasn’t ‘natural’. They frame and add definition to my face in a way that I’d always been trying to achieve with the eyebrow pencil but never managed to, and I’ve had numerous comments in the past few days telling me I’m looking good but not being able to put their finger on why – the very definition of well applied make up, I think!”

- posting on BMEink.com

Read the full report of her treatment experience posted on the web by one of our clients.

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... and you could win FREE eyelash enhancement treatment worth £175!

For a limited period only, we will be running a monthly draw in which one lucky respondent will win FREE eyelash enhancement treatment with LongLasting™ semi-permanent makeup when they have any other LongLasting™ treatment performed. Want to know more about semi-permanent make-up, or how to banish those facial wrinkles, or you are simply enquiring about pricing and availability. Just fill out the form below with your question and we’ll get back to you ASAP. (terms and conditions)

NB: Eyelash enhancement treatment requires a patch test to be performed at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
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Our hands and feet constitute an important part of our appearance and as such can influence our whole sense of wellbeing and hence personality. People who have beautiful manicured hands usually have more confident body language. In addition, people with pretty pedicured feet are more likely to wear open-toe shoes or strappy sandals. Regular manicure and pedicure treatments will help prevent problems developing with the hands and feet, helping to keep them healthy and you more confident.

At Amie Conte Beauty, we provide a full range of manicure and pedicure treatments to ensure your hands and feet are always in tip top condition.

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Tired of bending over backwards for your makeup?...

... if only you could wake up with makeup!...
... may be now is the time to consider semi-permanent makeup.


  • Ability to look great in every situation.
  • No more hard-to-pencil-in eyebrows or eyeliner.
  • Your lashes will appear enlarged.
  • Your eyes will appear enlarged.
  • Your lips will appear more voluptuous.

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Reduce the signs of aging safely.

Q-Med's Restylane® provides a state-of-the-art solution to the aging effect of wrinkles and lines on the appearance of the face. There are three treatment choices, each designed and tailored for different purposes and effects.

Restylane® - for the treatment of wrinkles and lines and for lip enhancement.

Restylane Touch® - for the correction of thin lines, across the forehead, around the eyes and mouth.

Restylane Perlane® - for correcting deep folds, creating fuller lips and shaping facial contours, such as cheeks and chin.

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